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Boy, Postman and God

Once upon a time, there was a boy Shyam. Shyam was very poor, he wanted a bat for playing cricket. He asked his parents 500 rupees purchasing bat. But his parents said they don't have money. 

Then Shyam wrote a letter to God saying "God I need 500 rupees please give me!". The next day Shyam gave a letter to postman but the letter has the address of dropping as "to God". Curious postman opened a letter he saw Shyam need 500 rupees, postman wants to help but he has only 400 rupees. 

The next day postman wrote a letter saying "Here is your money, my child! - From God" and with 400 rupees he gave the letter to Shyam. Now Shyam was happy he got the money from God. Then he prayed to God in his mind "Thank you God for giving money but a postman is a bad person he stolen 100 rupees and given me only 400 rupees. Please teach him a good lesson". 

Moral: "Never Judge Someone Too Quickly"

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