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My Quarantine Routine

When i think about my yesterday now, my minds calculates the things i did - very fast, not because i am intelligent enough😜 but they are very less in numbers. My whole day almost went on the bed and thanks to my f*cked up routine during pandemic, i have completely forgotten about the morning.

It been four months now when i last wore my jeans, when i last went out to have fun with my friends, when i last met from my Gf. Thanks to the IT sector i still have job thats why i can spend my whole day easily otherwise i do not know what would i do within these four months.

Mainly i woke up at 11:00 AM , maybe 12:00 PM, then i spent my next two hours roaming in home around here and there and have some tea, use the washroom. In starting of my 4 months, i was fully active and motivated that i would use these holidays and do something productive out of it, and then what happened i am still at the same stage here,where i was before.Then eat my lunch and watch some web series and then i sit for my office work till midnight. then again i watch some web series and play call of duty sometimes and went to Sleep. thats how my day completed itself.
 So basically in 24hrs, for 21hrs i sit and sleep on the same bed. This bed becomes part of my life now and takes the place of my GF, my friends, and my office.

But after all this if i take a look closer to it, then i think i am living the life which i think i will never get. I am living with my parents day and night from last four months, usually we spent our days in schools colleges, then office. We dont get much time to spend with them,.

Secondly who knows we are all part of history now, maybe in future children read about this time , about us , about this pandemic, about this corona virus, about this world's biggest lockdown in their books, who knows some of you are creating something so that your names will also appear in their books.

Do not lose Hope, this time surely go away and leave us a memory to remember.

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