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How puny are we humans in comparison to this big old universe.  When sized up against it, we won't even count as tiny beings. And if the science community is any good with its predictions and calculations, we won't be here for a long time. At least not till we make a genuine effort to do so!


Our lives are minute in the timeline of this universe, yet our ambitions and actions belittle it with the sheer amount we generate. Every individual has their own ambitions and the actions they take to make the reality better for themselves. Multiply it with the number of living beings alive at the moment and you will come across an uncountable number. In other words, it's the way of life, we humans like to live and endure what comes our way.


But in reality, the way of life we follow is not that big at all. Even though our collective thoughts are a sheer amount, our lives are the exact opposite of that. We take birth, grow, learn, adapt and then finally die. Our life is nothing but a stick of candle. Our flames are passed to us, by our previous generation, who teach us the way of life and a billion other things that were a part of their lives. They shape the very core of what we understand as values and personality, with which we tackle the problems of this world. The molten wax of our predecessors is what used to mould the candle we call our own. When we finally become of age to think and stand for ourselves, we become the very being, our predecessors were. The only difference being, the amount of experience held by our flame and wax we are made of. This process keeps on repeating on an infinitude level and this is what we call "Passing Of (Humanity) Torch". The time allocated to us is the length of the candle and after which, it is our time to finally pass the torch to our next generation. This process as a whole keeps repeating and the number of candles alight at a particular time, is no less than a wonder itself.


The network of the candles formed with this continuous flame shines brightly and in a never-ending manner. It dispels darkness around us, to enlighten the path we are all taking. This light is what keeps the corner of the universe we reside in, particularly bright. This network of candles is the only thing keeping us away from the loneliness and lifelessness of this humongous universe. With each candle varying in various ways from the one beside it, it makes for an interesting journey, albeit a short one. Getting to know various people, their perspective, their way of life, their inherent values they carry and finally, their ambitions and desires. This variety is what makes each one unique in a different manner. And the more people we get to know in our limited time span, the more we feel content at the end of our journey. I really hope humanity keeps going like this and spreads its flame in this lonely universe, brightening it….just for the sake of it.

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