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Climb Every Mountain

A group of scientists placed five monkeys in a cage and in the middle of it, they put a ladder with bananas on the top of it.

Each time a monkey start to climb the ladder to eat the bananas, the scientists soaked rest of the monkeys in icy cold water.

This kept on repeating with the second monkey as well, so from the next time any monkey dared to climb, the rest of the monkeys started to pull him down and beat him up.

After a time, no monkey dared to climb the ladder, no matter how great the temptation was.
The scientists then decided to replace one of the monkeys. The first thing this monkey did was to start climbing the ladder. Immediately, the other monkeys pulled him down and beat him up.

After several beatings, the new monkey decided never to climb up the ladder, even though there was no evident reason not to, except the beatings.

After this, the second monkey was substituted and same thing happened with him also. Subsequently, all five monkeys were replaced.

What was left was a group of five monkeys that, without ever having received the icy cold shower, continued to beat up any monkey who attempted to climb the ladder.

This is exactly what happens in our lives. If we wish to do something different and non-confirmative, society tries to drag us down without any reason.
But that doesn’t that we should stop climbing. Keep challenging the status quo!

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