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The behavior of acting in a way that benefits others at the expense of self.
It's a rare thing to see this kind of stuff in today's world, where everyone's looking to profit from everything & everywhere :-|.

Everyone works hard to make their ends meet, so that they can enjoy a life of whatever span there is left to live. In this eternal struggle comes the situations where a sacrifice is required to proceed towards success. At the time of the sacrifice, the one who is about to profit suddenly dons on the seriousness cap and voila, we get a priest of dark magic who is thinking (hard) of the person he should sacrifice, in order to succeed. Most times it's an 'optimized sacrifice' and not just a simple sacrifice, in the way that they get minimum kickback with maximum profit.

But what I wonder is, is it good to be an altruistic person in the world that lives with the above mentioned principle.

Altruism usually has the benefit of bonds between people that are strong and deep with power of giving & mending any cracks that come to be. Everyone around an altruistic person grows and flourishes at an unprecedented rate, for they recieve the best at absolutely no cost to themselves. The cost however is paid by the altruist, and the effects vary from people to people. 

If the people who recieved the free nourish are good people, they pay back the favour they recieved. Through this the group strengthens and solidifies as one. It's like a small reservoir getting shade from trees, that grew strong and healthy due to the water given to them , protecting the reservoir in return from harsh sunlight.
However, if the people who recieved the nourishment just care about themselves ,  the altruist ends up paying the ultimate price as they emptying up everything for others and yet more is demanded from him. This ending is a bad one as the altruist in this case dies, and the one who is born again is no different from the one's who made him so. People like these are weeds that quench their thirst but give nothing to express their gratitude, mainly because they don't have any.

The final case is the rarest of the rarest but the best in all. When an altruist is self  sufficient enough to know that his actions are the only things he can control, while the response he gets from other people is other people's business, self harm is prevented . The free loaders usually get the least benefit while the one's who intend to pay back remember the altruist as one great guy. On the other hand, due to Mr altuist's frequent place change, he ends up with the maximum profit. This arrangement is like the underground water that springs up from multiple locations. Due to this, it's very much possible to grow a forest and yet not shorten the supply of water. Ergo, a win-win tire everyone. :-)

The person who preaches this type of altruism is like a DON'T GIVE A FUCK attitude with a smile.

Well, to end it, whether altruism is good or not solely depends on the people and the altruist himself. So if you end up meeting an altruist, don't forget to appreciate them for the way they are and  thier work as well!

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