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Yet Another Weekend...

Weekend brings a feel of being relaxed and do the things that make you happy. In the busy schedule we rarely get any time in week days to spend them the way we want because we are bound to complete our work .

The most miserable thing is when you are eagerly waiting for something to come and happen and you do not want to wait if for longer and when the time comes, that thing does not happen and you realize that all your dreams have turned into nothing more than crap.

That is what happen on weekends, it’s a dreadful arrival of a hectic, busy, tiring week. Ahead are the clouds of beautiful weekend, aahaaan but wait, there is a very famous saying in hindi, “jo garajte hai vo baraste nahi”, these clouds are like that only. They gives me the indication that they will shower the rain of love on me, but they are the same as a fake lover, who only makes promises but never fulfils them.

“All of life is peaks and valleys. Sometimes the peaks are too high to reach and the valleys too low to come to the surface.”

Sometimes I wonder what god had in his mind while making me? Can someone please answer this….
Why did he made me a thinker, oohh sorry I must make it clear here, for me “thinker” means a person who thinks too much, even when there is no need to…

And one more thing is “assuming”, my near and dear one have assumed that I am a kind of person who can’t bear happiness for long. I mean how can they even think like that. Which person won’t like to be happy. I am also one of them. But the truth is there are reasons to be happy, and I start doubting it and I start wondering should I really be happy for those things which I was dreaming but didn’t happen to me or should be happy for the plans that I make and each time they are just ruined. Imaginary thoughts start wrapping up in my mind that how negative thoughts can be associated with it.

Yes you all must be thinking that its eccentric… yes but again the weekend astonishes me, this time not with happy moods…
Another struggling attempt not to feel bad…

That’s me…

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