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What is love ?

By: Vivek Sk

Taking care of someone with the deepest intentions you can ever have for someone. You keep worrying đŸ˜ĸFussing about their health and well-being, all the time. You protect them and do everything in your power to save them from anything harmful in their vicinity. 

Basically, the one you love is your 'God'... And in no way you will let anyone hurt her/him, would you? 

You believe in their potential so much that your own potential looks likes a stepping stone for them,An expendable source, in other words. But the most important of all is your will to sacrifice anything and everything for them...

But with love comes the expectations.... After all the good can't exist without the evil. 😈<-> đŸ˜‡You start expecting that if you are putting in the efforts, if not rewarded , atleast they will notice your effort. (Even if it is for once.)

But when the expectations are not met, they become sour and turn poison ☠ in your head. Suddenly, there is a battle raging on in your mind: B/w the love you have for that person and the expectations that hurt your feelings.... 

I don't know who the hell said that good  đŸ˜‡ always wins because it is wrong....because it's the smartest guy đŸ˜ that takes away the win.

How you choose to respond depends on your nature.... If you are forgiving and kind and most important of all PATIENT, the light side in you (The love), it is able to hold on for an extended period of time, but due to no reciprocation of your efforts, dark side, the hate wins the war. 

If you are a person who has characteristics like being adamant or impatient, the one wanting results instantaneously, the dark side(the hate) wins outright because your persona complements your hate for that person. 

However by some miracle, the person starts to do, what you were expecting from them. They start responding to you in a manner similar to yours. My friend, this is the best case scenario as love will have won the war in your head & never in your lifetime will you find your soul more full of love and affection.

The venom of expectations can be dealt in many ways.

1. Wait it out and counter it with anti-bodies: The continuous exposure to situations like this makes you immune to feelings. The unmet expectations always hurt, but then you already knew that And this keeps on going till you are left insensitive to both the hate or love. You become the epitome of negativity, not caring much about self-confidence or self or anyone else, for that matter. You, in your own eyes are expendable and replaceable, unworthy of having anyone they want to have. This is the lowest anyone can go...

2. Treat it out with anti-venom...The people that matter in your life, convince you in a positive way to remove expectations or tell you good things about the person you are head over heels for, this helps you to confront the hate that keeps swelling up in your mind. But this doesn't end the battle, It just becomes a stalemate. And it heads towards an end, but very slowly and solely depending on the people you are trusting right now... 

3. Take a deep breath and focus in the moment you are living in....and let the person you hold so dear, The one who whom you consider your 'God', let them go. Both from memory and life....This ends the battle outright because the love and the hate for that person is dependent on that person...If you let go of everything related to that person, you defeat both the love for that person as well as hate for the same person with the serenity and peace within you. This way hurts because you have to change your thinking... But it doesn't leave any collateral damage of wasted time or unmet expectations. 

Personally, the 3rd point of view is the toughest to follow, for it requires the power of heart and mind to work together, and many are unable to do so, for they lack what is required. But believe me, if you are able to do it, you will have success in not only in this field, but in every aspect of life. You, my friend, would have understood how to accept reality for what it is. You would have learned to accept defeat, but still have the resources to get up again for round 2.

What else could matter, if you come out of a situation, better and more experienced, than before.
Love in truth makes you a better man, time and time

What's Your Opinion ? đŸ˜œđŸ˜Š

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