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Lipstick Under My Burkha

So is the coverage of body necessary only for girls. I mean seriously just think of those girls who buy costly beauty products and they have to hide it under burkha....well well was just a joke.

Being a girl, I can understand it easily that how difficult it is being restricted for all the things that boys are never told to stop. Its not just with the young girls, it for all girls, ladies and aunties. Like if a lady is widow, then she is not allowed to use any beauty products or even make herself neat and tidy and if she wishes to do so, then she is called with cheap names like slut etc. But why, when someone's wife dies, does the male is told not to get his hairs trimmed or not to do shave, then why all the restrictions with girls.

The only thing that interests people is the type of clothes girls wear. Oh my god, she is wearing shorts, she is a slut..oohh she is wearing jeans, she is not of good character. Is the type of clothes a girl wear are enough to decide her character. And most important, who are others to give their views on a girl’s character, Why can’t people just do their own work, why they always want to interfere in other’s life.

Talking about sex, not the gender, the intimacy that is sex. If your wife is not ready to get intimate with you, then you have no right to force her. It is nothing less than rape if you force yourself on her.

Getting married doesn't mean that you have got a slut with whom you can have rape anytime and that is too "legal rape."

You should love her and not molest her. Touch her with love and not with the aim to just put your dick inside her pussy.

And what about the choice of having children. Is that only concerned with male and not with female. It should be mutual whether they want to have child or not and not just have forcibly sex and make her pregnant each month. Still in our society, if a wife talks to her husband about "condom", she is treated as shameless that how could even she think about something like "condom". How ridiculous is this, you want to have sex with her and do not even want to use protection in it. Its 21st century and still we feel shame talking about condom and sex, but why not to talk. Its a natural process so why to hide it. Atleast you should be free enough to discuss these things with your partner. And if your partner is not enough mature to talk about these things, them its better to leave him as he has no right to rape you every night and to put you in a situation that can ever threaten your life.

It I not just only about the partner, even in our families and everyone else in the society need to understand this that a girl is not meant to be commented upon or to see her just a toy to play with or as a weak person who will do whatever she would be asked to do whether she agrees for it or not.

For God’s sake, please change your views towards girls. Remember, a girl is the only source source who brings a new life to this earth and feed him. Don’t shatter her to the point that she would have to become “KAALI” to kill all the culprits.

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