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Childhood Myths in Punjabi's

AS i am from Punjabi's Family, i heard these types of things daily in my life, they are funny and awesome so i think i should share with all of you :-)
  • My mummy used to say me that if you will bite your nails by your teeth, then some bad luck will definitely happen to you.
  • If chappati falls on the floor, the we have to choose between god or devil. If we choose god then we can eat that chappati and if we chose devil then damn we can't have it....LOL...
  • If you will drink water from a bottle that has been touched by someone's leg ,the a wound will grow around your lips.
  • If you will use scissor without any work,then some quarrel will happen in your house.

  • Behan ko laat maaroge to next birth me buffalo banoge.

                           And Yeah This one :

  • Paapiya paapiya behan ko na maar, jana padega haridwar, haridwar me ganderiyan ,do teriyan do meriyan..

   You can also share yours if you heard something different. :P ;-)

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