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Eyes and Sighs


Straw slipping between those lips
Looking over the rim with those eyes
Subtle wiggle of her hips
Her fingers running up the inside of her thighs

Drinking deep and long
Sucking me in with her beauty
Temperature rising; hard and strong
So seductive, the little cutie

As she slid across the seat
Exposing those perfect thighs
Long and deep, did our eyes meet
Snuggling against me, letting out sultry sighs

My strong hand found her perfect breast
Closer still she moved
My hand slid up her thigh, coming to rest
As our bodies grooved

Driving to the motel was a pleasure
Kissing, touching, driving each other wild
Moments like this we will treasure
Releasing our spirit, raw, passionate, wild

Standing at the desk, hand under her skirt
Her fingers probing and holding my crotch
Peering down her open shirt
Making sure no one could watch

The room wasn’t ready
We were too hot to care
Passionate and steady
Taking her from behind in the stair

Lock the door
Grab and kiss
Clothes hitting the floor
Waiting for a moment like this

We made love all day
Touching and thrusting with all our heart
Knowing it will always be this way
Made it easier when we had to part

We hate to say goodbye
For goodbye it must be
I can feel the tear in my eye
Seeing hers for me

It won’t be long
It won’t always end like this
We must be strong
Remembering the last kiss

By Bill Turner

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