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Why do we do what we do?

Why do we do what we do?
We don't know what tomorrow holds, but we prepare to cross caravans on the bridge of the future, supported by the pillars of hope and belief.

We plan crazy things as if we are the almighty creator and have the 'admin' rights, turning situations about to occur, in our little minds into swamps sucking us of attention and energy.

We race each other and play nice or cruel, based on our position and speed.

We flaunt power, an entity that changes sides like the direction of wind, as its rightful owners, unknown to the fact that others do the same.

We fill our homes with things that look good, things make our lives good and things that enhance us in any way. Comfort comes at a cost we run to pay, for at the end, comfort is the aim, but at the end, we get everything but the comfort we aimed for.

We start sailing our boats at an early age, collecting memories and experiences, using them to power the engine and make better maps for the guidance system for future use. Yet we sometimes head straight for the
storm that we should be avoiding. Greed, I guess?

We chain ourselves to a group and nourish them with our energy, time, and  a fragment of our soul, in hopes that one day we will share a connection worth a lifetime. 
Some, you reap, some, reap you.

We make our colourful world into bi-pathed: Win or Lose. Winning puts increases your level, while losing decreases it. We ourselves make our life a game 
and then blame the world for forcing it on us.

We care more about possession of material than possession of soul. I guess, the former is an easy task: you just have to be a hoarder, hoarding for life and 
without much of a reason other than 
being proud of your collection?

Possession of Soul is, well the toughest path out there. 
It's the exact opposite of the other state:
 you give what you don't need with a smile to fulfill the needs of others 
and thus sparking a fire of happiness and gratefulness. 
The worth-a-lifetime-connection you were trying to make, 
well, you get to feel a demo version 
every time you do others good.

In the past people used to rise with the sun, for they had a sun in their soul. They had a purpose and after a daily grind to achieve that purpose, the sun set, getting ready for another sunrise. 
These days, people are empty shells, filled with whatever they can find in their surroundings.
 Afterall, something is better than nothing.
 Purpose, you say, where is it? 
How can purpose, a sprout, plant itself in, when there is only indecomposable trash taking up all the space. 
And the funny thing is, 
They think they are cool living like this.

Hard and easy have the opposite consequences.
 Do the hard and things become easy, but the world thinks you have no brains.
 Do the easy, and life becomes hard, and the world applauds you for your wily actions. 
If only this was ever taught in schools...

I can understand drunk people now. 
Life is bittersweet, so why not drink something similar. 
But like life, the drink overtakes you in ways you can't imagine and makes you it's plaything. 
You chose the drink to escape life, yet ended up with the same result: 
Someone's pawn.
All I say is, if you wanna be a pawn (in someone's chess) so damn-much,
 Why not choose something that makes someone's life better 
in whichever perspective or time frame you are comfortable,
 short or long.

I wonder, when we will venture into space, for it's the future that we all seek and only one that leaves us breathing. Can't wait for us, people from one planet to go into space, 
united in venture but divided by aims.
 Soon, new ideologies will take place and we will start bickering over irrelevant things.
 And once again, 
we will be fighting for things, with the only difference being, 
we will have technology to eradicate the other side 
without much of a disadvantage to the destroying side.
 And you know what will be even better, 
an alien race introducing itself to us. 
I just hope, they will be just like us, 
not too good or not too bad, 
Else we will be intimidated by their advantage and that will be the start of something ugly....

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