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Why do we bend our thumb and index finger while medidate

If you read about this thing then you will get, this is the most ancient technique following from thousand of years in India in our hindu mythology, our rishi-munis (ऋषि मुनि) used to follow this techniques to meditate for days, weeks, months or maybe for years. Because this is not normal it has its scientific meaning which is totally helpful for our body. In our Hindi term it is called as Gyan Mudra means knowledge gesture. There are so many Mudras present in our mythologies, you can read all of them on google but we are going to talk about this particular Gyan mudra which is a requirement in this current messy life.

What are fingers related to:

The thumb symbolizes space, the index is air, the middle finger is fire. the ring finger is water, and the little fingers stands for earth. So it is believed that by creating different Mudras with your hands or by joining different fingers, you are moving into that powerful energy. “You have within you, the infinite organizing power of the universe"
Mudras draw your mindfulness inward and reconnect you with your heart’s language of compassion, kindness, goodness, creativity, and joy. -- Meditation teacher Sah D’Simone

Benefits of Gyan Mudra:

Gyan Mudra is a powerful mudra (or hand position) which brings peace, calm, and spiritual progress. It relates to the planet Jupiter. Gyan Mudra has wide and varied health benefits, making it one of the most practiced mudras of all.Stimulating the root chakra, it eases tension and depression, empowering the mind, nervous system, and pituitary gland. Gyan mudra helps to enhance focus and concentration of mind, which leads a yogi to the deep meditative stage. It is the reason this mudra also called the Meditation in today's world. 

Steps to Perform Gyan Mudra in Yoga:

  • Sit in a comfortable posture.
  • Hold your back, chest, and head in a straight position.
  • Relax your whole body and place your hands on your knees.
  • Now fold the index finger of both of hand towards the thumb & join the tip of your index finger with the tip of the thumb. Leave the remaining three fingers straight.
  • Relax and close your eyes softly and concentrate on your breath. Inhale and exhale deeply to seep air into your body to attain a sense of lightness.
  • Clear all the thoughts in your mind and listen to the vibes of your body.
  • You can chant a mantra or “Om” while exhaling deeply for an ecstatic effect.Well, its not compulsory you just need something to concentrate and i guess 'OM' is that word.

Guys, lets do this. Atleast start by 15 minutes, sit, forget the problems, relax, take a deep breathe and you will definitely see the change.
Happy International Yoga Day.

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