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The void in my soul, is what distorts my Present;
The cry of belonging is what fills up my Past;
The willpower to make my Past a reality, is what fills up my Future;

In the juggle of these three, I stand like a dying tree;
In return, I struggle to provide some sort of relief;
What cures one, poisons the other;
And so I turn up to be a waste on our dearest mother;

With all the naivety, I pray to some non-existent God;
Hoping to be shown something that stands out in the odd;
I’m ready to follow any path to reach, to be with;
Even if it means following a thought or an absurd myth;

Oh thee Gods, enlighten me a little, so a path I can follow;
In an age where lives are lived, simply hollow;
Where selfishness is the utmost rule;
And those unable to adhere, are nothing more than mere mule;

Will this agony be repeated, in a continuous loop;
What will be the verdict of my fear: graceful surrender or a sly coup;
In the end, I’m left wondering what I am living for;
Or is it that I am dreaming to find something I’ll die for;

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