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Corrupted people are like nerve endings of a vagina... having the never ending hunger for the dick of money... always craving for more and more

They never have a upper limit, with  everything being given to such people will be devouvered without a 2nd thought...

Their drive to profit from any particular situation while not regarding the consequences to anyone or at any scale, small or large, results in loss of someone innocent and worthy of the profit attained illegally.

Part of the fault lies with the society, which encourages a person on the basis of result and not the process by which the given result was achieved. This makes a person extremely result oriented and the growth that should have taken, process by process, never takes place, thus creating a gap between what is required and what is available to complete the requirement.

Corruption is always present in all systems, whether be it large or small. Sometimes it's effect is miniscule & barely detectable while sometimes its effects are large enough to show effects on a large scale, not afraid of getting caught. The only way to remove corruption is to either have no capital or have no power. You'll notice these are the conditions in the rural areas, hence the harmony, love and emotional connections between the people residing there. But in the metropolitan cities where the money and capital rule, removal of corruption is an absolute impossibility.

With that the only option left is to minimize its effects by defacing it and publishing the culprits.

Now I wonder, What should be the punishment, for the ones that take this path...a punishment that will something will make them tremble in fear after seeing the consequences of their devious actions.

The punishment has to be strict yet at the same time, not soul breaking, for that will be like giving in to the emotional stress. We should check the reasons as to why the given individual took this path.

We as humans have an unprecedented talent of absorbing and adapting to the problem we face, and the more we face it, the more we adapt and eventually after sometime we become apt to overcome the given difficulty.

But the real problem lies in the fact that, the learnings we took to overcome problems become engraved in our mind and soul, altering the innocence of the soul that was focused on achieving it's aim. In solving a problem, we become as hard as the problem itself, to solve it, thereby becoming the devil itself who we had promised to vanquish.

The seeds of corruption are often laid by a desperate need or an unquenchable thirst for money or power.These root causes get consolidated over time, and are not easy to take down.

I believe the punishment given should be psychological in nature and that too very long in terms of time. Doing so will strike at the very base of corruption, preventing it from growing or sustaining itself. Whether the person is doing things out of fear or greed, their problem can be dissected and treated in the right way. Physical Punishments only lead to regret and guilt, but whether the reciever of these punishment parts from the not so good acts totally depends on the person, thereby nullifying the effects of punishment.

It is due to the above given reasons I believe corruption (a.k.a corruptivitis) should be classified as a proper disease and be treated with absolute necessity, to prevent our downfall as a species with a wonderful & unfathomable future.

What do you think?

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