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A moment in which two things vibrate or behave in similar fashion under similar circumstances. Atleast this is what the books say.

But if we leave the scientific part for the scientists, then resonance can only be thought of as seeing someone with characteristics similar to us. They perform in a particular way, in a particular situation with a particular precision, almost as if they were  copying our own style. We find it  fulfilling  and energetic to find someone with a similar experience and view of life. This fact, alone increases the chances of friendship with the other  person.

It's a common knowledge that we like people who try to listen and understand our needs and life. But when we see the other person going through the same thing, it stirs a little bit of our emotional part and if possible, we try to help the other person. Irrespective of the outcome, our action solidates a bond of friendship that has the absolute level of understanding. I believe these coincidental friendships have a stronger chance of bearing the brunt of the latest friendship protocols, where friendships are for miniscule things and matters, and if nothing else, satisfaction of needs.

People who make bonds after watching the other guy go through the same thing underestimate  the level of similarities in between them and evaluate the other person very quickly . They end up being in a relation of sharing and caring mutually, but when other person's life starts to unravel in front of them & the amount of baddies turns out to be more than the amount of goodies , they just shirk their responsibilities and walk away.

The environment becomes of full of dejection as the people once involved feel that they could have been good friends and put the blame on the other person for pretending and lying to be someone they are not. And then they walk away to repeat the whole cycle all over again and in the process, accumulating stress and dejection.

What was their fault to face such problems?

My answer: Patience and Lack of proper understanding

Had they been just cordial towards each other and patient towards each other's flaws while understanding their good , the friendship would have survived. But who has the time to waste time and energy to know someone who they (sarcasm missile launched) will eventually leave their life in times of turmoil and need. Having a proper and long lasting friendship requires time to check the level of personality resonance between people. It is the reason, we are able to make strong satisfying relationships that last a long time.

But in today's time when the present satisfaction is given a priority over long term satisfaction, then the bonds formed between people are also of the same nature , i. e they hold a value for a short period of time only...

It is an urgent requirement of the present generation, but no one actually is attentive enough, in the same to acknowledge their own need.

I hope they learn their lesson before their time runs out...

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