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The Missing Rib..Hold Carefully

In the bible, it is written that one day God saw that Adam was lonely. To bring someone special in his life, during his sleep, God took one of Adam's rib and created Eve. This is how Adam met Eve and loved each other unconditionally.
We all are also in search of our missing ribs. Only once we find that one who is having our missing rib, we do not feel any ache from then and life is full of happiness.

I will share a story that I read. It was story of a boy and girl. One day, the girl asked the boy whom he loved the most. Boy replied, "Of course, its you". The boy and the girl got married and started their happy life. Their life was full of love, care and romance. The boy realized that the girl was his missing rib and he had found her.
But with passing time and their busy schedule, they were not able to spend much time with each other. Misunderstandings and quarrel had  taken the place of love and romance. It grew so much that one day the girl decided to leave the house. Standing at the opposite side of the road, she said, "You don't love me". The boy shouted, "It was a mistake of us to be together. Maybe you were not my missing rib."

The girl stand quiet on the other side of the road. The boy realized that he had said the wrong thing, but words spoken once can't be taken back. The girl went home with tears and packed her back to break up with him. She said, "If I am not your missing rib, then let me go. It will be easier in this way. We should go on our separate paths to find our true missing ribs."

They separated and left each other. Both of them didn't remarried. The boy started smoking. He lit his cigarette and sat on a chair. He realized that there was some ache in his chest like something is missing. He realized that he was missing her.

After some years they met. They had a formal talk like how are you, did you married someone etc. both found that they were still waiting for each other. The boy asked for her number to call her. She gave the number and left for the flight she had to take.

The next day the boy got the news that she was dead. The plane by which she was travelling had crashed.

Once again he was all lonely. Sitting on the chair and litting the cigarette, he realized that she was her missing rib, which he himself had broken carelessly.

This happens with every one of us. Some are in our control, some are not. Just treasure everything you have. Tomorrow is unpredictable and may not even come. So value what you have today and live it to the fullest.

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